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Founder / Midwife

Colleen is  a mother to four wonderful children, each with their own unique birth story. Her personal birth experiences have included- a traumatic birth full of interventions in the hospital, two natural births with certified nurse midwives in the hospital, and a home birth with traditional midwives. These experiences led her to her passion for supporting and empowering women as they give birth, especially after a previous C-section or traumatic birth experience. Colleen believe the only “right” way to give birth is by being educated and empowered, and she hopes to help mothers achieve that.
Colleen is a midwife, doula, and craniosacral therapist.  She also has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh in cultural anthropology and international service. Through her studies in anthropology and body work, Colleen has learned to truly integrate the woman as a whole- spiritually, mentally and physically. Through her travels and service work abroad, she learned to internalize and honor the boundaries and sacred space to which each individual is entitled .She applies these principles in her approach to all aspects of her life, both personal and professional.


Midwifery Assistant

 Patsy has been involved with pregnancy and childbirth for over 20 years and still feels that birth never gets old or routine.  She believes that every birth is unique and special to each family that she attends ~ whether it is in the U.S. or in a developing country.  Her own birth experiences of her three sons motivated her to become a birth worker.  She is a birth and bereavement doula, a midwifery assistant (where most of her attention is focused at this time), and is a registered sonographer.  She is grateful to have been trained by many  "sage femmes" in the birth world and by every client, baby, and family she has had the privilege to journey with.



Midwifery Assistant / Herbalist

Christine Cassella, M.S., is a mother of two young girls and has a broad background including training as a behavioral biologist, certified herbalist, birth doula, and midwife's assistant. Christine has been passionate about reproductive health and natural living throughout her life, but truly began to see the importance of an empowered pregnancy and childbirth when she was pregnant with her first child.  It is her belief that birth is a pivotal time during a childbearing person’s life to claim their power, find their truth, and emerge as a new parent prepared to face all the challenges and joys that arise. Christine’s diverse skill set allows her to provide client care that is both evidence-based, intuitive, and parent-centered.  She is a safe and inclusive provider for parents of all backgrounds and orientations.


Mental Health Counselor

Rachel currently specializes in maternal mental health and has completed the Postpartum Support International Maternal Mental Health Certificate course.  She offers diverse therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness based techniques. Rachel is also passionate about interpersonal therapy - helping clients build interpersonal connections with their support systems - and healing from the natural world through nature connected therapy. 
Rachel obtained her Masters of Science in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University in 2008. She have experience as a behavioral health therapist in residential, school, and home settings. She have worked with children, families, and adults as a therapist and have extensive training in group work, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, trauma, and maternal mental health.



Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Dr. Tonya Yanok is Northeast Ohio’s leading physical therapist helping active adults continue doing what they love, without the use of pills and surgery, using holistic services at the convenience of their home, office, or other agreed upon location. She founded Yanok PT to offer convenience and undivided attention to her clients to truly sort out their problem and find solutions. 

Dr. Tonya Yanok graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Cleveland State University. She is certified as a licensed physical therapist, with specialty training in pelvic health and dry needling. 


Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Natalie has been serving families across Northeast Ohio since 2014, providing care as a birth doula and placenta encapsulation specialist. After becoming certified as a holistic health coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2010, she obtained her birth doula certification with DONA International. In 2013 she visited Bumi Sehat Foundation in Bali, further realizing her calling to provide inclusive and non-judgemental care for all people. This experience left her more educated, mesmerized, and awed by the ever powerful placenta and its variety of purposes and cultural representations. Natalie is trained in theTraditional Chinese and raw methods of encapsulation, as well as tincture preparation. She is trained by the standards of OSHA for bloodborne pathogens and safety. After recently graduating with an Associate of Arts from Cuyahoga Community College, she gave birth to a baby boy. Natalie is pleased to begin the nursing program this fall to pursue a future in midwifery.




Marlene has a BA in Liberal Studies with concentrations on psychology, pastoral care and missions from Oral Roberts University.  She has always been an advocate for family cohesiveness as well as for the voiceless in society.  
She has worked as a certified nurse’s assistant, a certified sitter through ‘Seeking Sitters, a Health Connect One trainer for community-based doulas and has volunteered as a court appointed special advocate for foster care children(CASA). She is also a volunteer doula for Northeast Ohio Doula Collective. She feels divinely called to help families fully embrace the miracle of life; from pregnancy, labor, birth and helping parents transition into parenthood well.
Marlene’s revelation to enter into the birthing process as a doula came when she watched the miracle of life unfold during a natural birth she witnessed over 3 years ago. Fully fascinated, it activated a deep desire to be a birth professional. Since then, it has been her life's goal to support families through the incredible birth and postpartum experience.  She believes the family structure should be protected and supported, as it’s the foundation of society. She offers emotional, informational support to the parents and advocates on their behalf during pregnancy and labor. 
Marlene completed her training to become a childbirth worker with Mamatoto Village, Inc. through Birthing Beautiful Communities in September, 2016 and completed MVI Perinatal Community Health Worker training in December of 2016. Over the past 3 years she has attended over 50 births and counting.



Tori is a wife, mother, lover of nature, and doula certifying through DTI. While carrying her first daughter, she became a voracious student of all things birth, and a doula was born. 

Passionate about human flourishing, especially in the transformative perinatal season, she trusts the physiology of birth and advocates for evidence-based care.

She champions the dignity of all women, birthing people, and families, and their right to truly informed choice and support without judgement.

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