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The placenta is a powerful organ. Just as it nourishes baby in the womb, it can also nourish the postpartum mother when she consumes it after birth. Placenta encapsulation can help speed recovery, prevent postpartum depression, and support lactation.



The placenta is dried, powdered, and placed into capsules for easy consumption. Placenta encapsulation is ideal to support recovery in the immediate postpartum period, and is believed to have many positive effects on the new mother’s body and mind.

        -Improves mood

        -Increases energy

        -Reduces bleeding

        -Restores essential minerals

        -Reduces risk of postpartum depression

        -Supports lactation

        -Balances postpartum hormones

        -Speeds healing


A tincture can preserve the benefits of the placenta for many years to come. To prepare the placenta tincture, a small amount of the placenta is added to 100+ proof alcohol and left to ferment. The tincture can help regulate postpartum cycles, ease symptoms of PMS or menopause, and impart a sense of emotional stability in times of need.

A tincture is also a good option for new mothers immediately after birth. It can be used along with, or instead of, placenta capsules to deliver healing and balancing effects throughout postpartum recovery.

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