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A Monitrice is an experienced guide who offers support and assistance to birthing couples. The word “monitrice” is French for monitor; coach; instructor. A Monitrice is a hybrid between a doula and a midwife who is trained to provide support, not only during childbirth, but throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. A Monitrice can assist couples who are planning a hospital birth.  A monitrice is especially beneficial for planning a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) or for first time parents.  

What does a Monitrice do?

A monitrice is an informed consumer advocate and labor coach who will work with you in the hospital to achieve your optimal childbirth experience. She can help you choose the physician and facility that will permit you to have the type of birth experience you would like to have. She can help you write a birth plan to assure that your wishes for your birth and the care of your newborn are honored. By spending time with you throughout pregnancy, she can provide supplemental prenatal care which can tell your baby’s position, and provide you with information about nutrition, exercise and activity during pregnancy.  To avoid arriving at the hospital too early, she will support you in your home during early labor. After your birth, your monitrice will continue care during the postpartum period, providing assistance with breastfeeding as well as monitoring you for postpartum depression.

Who needs a Monitrice?

Every pregnant woman can benefit from the experienced support of a Monitrice during pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period. A Monitrice is particularly useful for first-time mothers, women planning a VBAC, and women who have strong negative associations with previous births. A Monitrice is useful for anyone who desires a natural, unmedicated birth.

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